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    u dont have to. thats why its called belief. My sources come from the same source u get ur shit from. Its all the same deal comparing notes its stupid. its like when people fight over whether their information is right or wrong when really when u have not properly done the research urself whose to say whose right. Wikipedia is a quick and easy solution but its not good enough. oh and AHAHAHHAHAHA dont get all twisted just cause i said boom lol i did it for emphasis. 
    But yah i could careless if ur info comes from your dad and u call it a valid source cause it does not matter. 
    Oh and I can FLy but of course U would need proof. Come to Cupertino the de anza folks are documentaring MY every move because by the time i turned 18 i sprouted wings. Its been kept on the downlow but yah COME get YO EVidence. ComE COme20 minutes ago


    As a philosopher I am curious as to why you would state that there will be an apocalypse in 2012. 

    Surely if you have the confidence to say it in a comment, you would be more than happy to explain it to someone who is willing to listen? 

    I have done plenty research, and yes, it conflicts, naturally, and if you have any new data to bring to light then by all means prove to me that you speak with a cause.

  2. And you believe that we will “go boom” in 2012.

    That is a valid belief. 

    I just want to know your sources and grounds of reason, I’m open to any and all evidence, naturally. 

    You wouldn’t believe me if I said I could fly without some proof! Why should I believe I am going to die?

  3. This basically describes my life :)

    This basically describes my life :)

  4. Makes me want to jump over shit every time! :)